9395 225-1100KW

Providing high availability for your critical systems at all times, the
9395 was designed with numerous technological advancements
that create an unprecedented level of reliability while emphasizing
serviceability–lowering MTTR and enhancing availability.
Double-conversion design offers the highest
protection possible
Unlike some other commercially available UPS technologies, the
double-conversion design completely isolates output power from
all input power anomalies and delivers 100-percent conditioned,
perfect sine-wave output—regulating both voltage and frequency.
Even when presented with the most severe power disturbances,
power output remains stable. Output voltage THD is held within
two percent of nominal specification for linear loads, and within
five percent for nonlinear loads—making the 9395 ideal for
supporting equipment that’s sensitive to a distorted voltage input.
Additionally, the 9395 excels at supporting leading power factor
loads, which are becoming more prevalent in new or updated
data centers. The 9395 handles leading loads, down to 0.9 power
factor, without de-rating
Surveys focused on efficiency in data centers reveal that UPSs are
often under-loaded–frequently at less than 50 percent. To capitalize
on this trend and create even greater reliability, you have the option
to configure the 9395 with inherent redundancy. Traditional UPS
manufacturers can't deliver this additional availability without
adding a more costly second UPS module.