9390 40-160 KVA

The Eaton® 9390 uninterruptible power system (UPS) 40-160 kVA
of Powerware® series is a double-conversion UPS that resolves
all utility power problems and supplies clean, continuous, uninterruptible
power to connected equipment. Whether you’re selecting
a UPS for a branch office, manufacturing floor, medical facility or
data centre, there’s a 9390 model that delivers just the right combination
of performance and price for your needs.

Double-conversion design for highest power protection
Wid voltage range offering
The UPS is optimised for protecting modern 0.9 p.f. -rated IT
Low input ITHD enhances compatibility with extended back
power sources (generators)
High efficiency ratings in double-conversion mode lower utility
costs substantially
Innovative Energy Saving System (ESS) technology enables UPS
to achieve an impressive efficiency of 99 percent
Low total cost of ownership and lifecycle carbon footprint
Low transportation and installation costs with the small footprint
and weight
Reduction in energy consumption during testing with Easy
Capacity Test (ECT) technology
Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology erases single point
of failure in parallel systems. Hot Sync systems are capable of
paralleling for both redundancy and capacity.
Superior battery management with ABM® technology
Scalable architecture adapts to match your power requirements